The Wobbler Balance Board

The Wobbler Balance Board

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Trying to balance is always a challenge. The Wobbler balance board will help you develop this useful skill. Master the art of balancing, and suddenly other challenges are less daunting and more easily overcome. Developed from the Physiotherapists Wobble Board, a flat wooden disc, mounted on an inverted hemisphere, the wobbler takes the 'bored' out of the wobble board. It brings a challenge and entertainment to an otherwise serious, and rather tedious exercise.

The wobbler offers two challenges :

The Blue Maze
For this game your aim is to guide one ball from the outer ring through the gates into the central cup, then back into the outer ring. The ball should stay in contact with the maze throughout the challenge. Your feet should not touch the ground, nor should you need to hold on to any type of support.

The Yellow 3 hole tray
Clip the circular tray on top of the blue maze. Place all three balls in the tray. Your goal is to settle one ball in each of the three holes. For those whose balancing skills are not up to standing unaided, these games can be played sitting down, or with two hands instead of feet. To develop team skills, two people can each have one foot on either side of the Wobbler.

A fun and different way to improve balancing skills
Suitable for children and adults alike
Consists of two great games to vary exercise
A highly effective training aid for sports, physiotherapy or home use
Designed to primarily help with balance, co-ordination and concentration
Ideal for rehabilitation of lower leg and ankle injuries e.g. recurring ankle 




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