SpaNET 2.0 kw XS Series Heater Assembly XS2000

SpaNET 2.0 kw XS Series Heater Assembly XS2000


  • $416.00 AUD

Spanet XS-RH2000 2kw spa heater.

300mm total length including unions.
50mm / 2" plumbing slip fit.

1.5 kw heater elements are no longer available. The smallest now is the 2kw.

Whether its ok to use a 2kw depends on the spa configuration and power supply.

Most 1.5kw were on 10A systems.

If its a 10A system, a 2kw heater can be fitted under the following circumstances:

1. If it has a circulation pump for heating

2. If it has a 2 speed pump for heating/filtration as heating will be on low speed.


If it has a single speed pump only, it cannot be used.

If it is able to be used, they must ensure load shedding settings prevent heating at any time any high output loads are turned on e.g. pump 1 high speed, blower, etc. Heating should only run on circa or low speed of a 2 speed pump - no other time.

That way total load will still remain below 10A


The heater is 8.3A at 2kw. You can go to 10% over 10A = 11A giving approx 3A for the pump.

low speed or circa pump typically consumes 1.5-2.5A

Any other situation may require a dedicated 15A circuit to the spa and the power cable to the xs2000 controller upgraded to a 15A cable



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