Spa Electrics Atom EMRX Retro LED Pool light

Spa Electrics Atom EMRX Retro LED Pool light

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Spa Electrics Atom EMRX series Single & multi PLUS colour retro niche lights.

Easily replace your current lights (Halogen or LED). EMRX retro-fit lights are designed to be a direct replacement for PAL, AquaQuip EVO 2, Autumn Solar, Aqua De Light, plus more.

Available in blue, white or multi colour. The latest Multi PLUS colour lights are compatiable with the Iris Remote Controller

Supplied with adapter ring, sealant tube & over gaskets

Conforms to existing transformer

Connects to existing wiring - simply cut off the wire where it enters into the existing light, then connect into the special chamber on the EM light.

No electrican required

No need to empty the pool

No cable joining

Has a clear rim


Further info...

Recessed design for minimal projection into pool

Protrudes only 25mm into pool

Pool cleaner friendly

Compact diameter 120mm for fibreglass

Available in award winning Ceramic Light Engine (LED)

Latest design combined with our DuoSink® &PulseWave® technology

Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 90% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light

Direct Connect electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry

Slotted rim and patented Heatsink design allows water to directly flow heat sink dramatically increasing cooling capabilities

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Rated to IPX 8

State of the art control system using DuoSink® & PulseWave® technology

Detachable plug top / cable for ease of servicing

Built in self-diagnostics

Patented 'Click-Fit' bayonet locking system - No fixing screws

Ceramic Light Engine available in Blue, White and Multi-colour (Multi PLUS)





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