Solar Breeze NX Robotic Leaf Skimmer & Chlorinator

Solar Breeze NX Robotic Leaf Skimmer & Chlorinator

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Solar Breeze NX. Solar Robotic Leaf Skimmer & Chlorinator.

Clean your pool for free with energy from the sun!


This solar-powered robotic pool cleaner removes leaves, dust, organic material and debris of all types from the surface of your pool before it decays and sinks to the bottom. The unit can carry two 3-inch chlorine tablets in its dispenser tray.

Solar Breeze features


As the Solar-Breeze moves around your pool, it skims, filters and sanitizes the water. It operates all day while the sun is shining and for several hours into the night, using energy stored in its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. This ensures that your pool is always sparkling clean and swim-ready – no more hand skimming.

A 50 micron screen in the debris tray filters out even the smallest particles and pet hair. Solar-Breeze owners comment that their pool has never looked so clean. Best of all, removing this debris from the surface means that less filtration and bottom cleaning is required.

Pool owners can reduce their pool pump run time – saving hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs! 




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