Soft Spa Cover Square 2.1m to 2.4m


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Soft Vinyl Spa Covers

Soft spa covers. Lightweight but durable, it’s easy to see why these soft, fleece filled PVC covers are quickly gaining popularity. 
They are a great alternative to expensive hard covers - particularly when used in conjunction with a floating cover.

Fully reversible, the covers feature a black trim, and are grey on one side and beige on the other - simply flip to suit your preferred colour scheme.

To prevent the cover from sitting in the water and stop water pooling on top, each cover is supplied with an inflatable bladder. 
Covers also feature child resistant, lockable clips on all sides.

The low cost alternative to a vinyl hard spa cover, these covers are available in standard sizes that multi-fit most brands of Spas.

Made from a special three layer vinyl, they will eliminate evaporation and keep all leaves, dust and debris out of your spa reducing heating costs and cleaning time.

  • Easy to use and compact when stored
  • Key lockable fittings to secure your Spa
  • Great insulating and evaporation properties
  • Keep dust and debris out of the water
  • 1 year warranty
  • No styrofoam to absorb water or break
  • UV inhibitors to last

Available in Rectangular, Square and Octagonal shapes. Standard sizes are multi-fit and have strong lockable webbing straps around the perimeter.

The cover comes supplied with a float underneath so rain water and leaves just run straight off. A low cost alternative to a vinyl hard cover and much easier to use and to store

This three ply vinyl spa cover is rectangular in shape and is designed to fit a Spa up to 2.2 x 1.7m in size. The actual cover is slightly larger than this to allow for the material to go over the edge of the spa. 

Webbing reinforced perimeter with lockable webbing straps secure you Spa and keep out leaves, dust and debris.

Mid grey colour with float to disperse rain water  

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