Ascon MS3D Multi Solar Controller Up-Down

Ascon MS3D Multi Solar Controller Up-Down

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The MS3D-Up Down solar controller from Ascon is Australia's most popular retro fitting solar controller, designed to give trouble free heating from the sun.

Great for replacing other brand solar controllers. No need to run a sensor up onto the roof.

Comes complete with hot & cold sensors.

The controller is a set and forget user friendly up/down sampling differential temperature controller, taking a water temperature sample from the pipe going to the roof (up) and a water sample from the water returning to the pool (down) with built in timeclock to avoid unwanted sampling during non heating times the MS3D-UD is designed to give trouble free pool heating.

The MS3D-UD features include delayed startup, builtin timeclock and winter modes and the ability to override the controller.

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