Davey SpaPower SP601 Spa Pool Controller 1.5Kw

Davey SpaPower SP601 Spa Pool Controller 1.5Kw

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  • $1,055.00 AUD

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The SP601 range of spa controllers couple to a 2 speed pump and single or variable speed blower with the option to run ozone and a single or variable coloured Davey spa light.

The Davey Spa Power 601 offers good functionality for intermediate spa pools. 
  • Available in 1.5kW only
  • This model is not suitable for the chain light system
  • Suitable to run a single main light only
  • 50mm inlet & outlet fittings
  • This model includes a built in time clock
  • Capable of running:
    • Single speed pump and additional pump/blower OR one two speed pump
    • Ozonator
    • A 24hr circulation pump
    • Davey Spa Power single or variable coloured light
  • Oval LED touchpad supplied as standard (rectangular available on request)
  • Optional timeclock models available for setting specific operating times
  • AMP plug connectors.
  • Pack includes control box & user guide 



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