Davey Powermaster Eco 3 Speed Pool Pump

Davey Powermaster Eco 3 Speed Pool Pump

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Davey PM ECO swimming pool pump.

8 Star Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pump.

70% lower energy use than a traditional 1HP pump.

The Davey Powermaster ECO Series pool & spa pump is a super efficient pump utilising a very clever, state of the art 3 speed brushless DC motor that provides:

Lower operating costs
Lower levels of noise
Lower greenhouse emissions than traditional pool pumps

Its ability to run at low speeds means the pump will also experience less mechanical wear and tear due to less stress on the internal mechanical components.

This Powermaster has 3 variable speed settings, High Flow, Mid Flow & Eco Flow that allows super efficient filtration providing around 70% saving over a traditional pool pump, and higher speeds for filter backwashing and pool cleaner operation.

The Powermaster Eco is a direct replacement for existing Davey Powermaster pumps or is easily plumbed into other installations.

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