AquaQuip EvoFG Retro Replaces PAL2000 Pool Light

AquaQuip EvoFG Retro Replaces PAL2000 Pool Light


Aquaquip EvoFG Retro fit LED pool light to replace an existing PAL2000 pool light.

Simply remove the existing PAL2000 light from the housing & cut the cable off where it enters the existing light.

This EvoFG retro kit comes with a plug you connect to the existing cable.

Fit the adapter plate into the PAL2000 housing, it just pushes in. Then you screw the new EvoFG light to the bracket & your all done!

Single colour & multi colour options...

Single colour - $250.00

Multi Colour change - $325.00

Specify above if your pool is concrete of fibreglass.

Light diameter is 120mm and will protrude just 25mm from the pool wall

This light is a great Australian made pool light and an excellent replacement for the PAL2000




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