Aquabrite 5kg

Aquabrite 5kg


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Aquabrite - The only chlorine free oxidiser specially developed and suitable for use with copper and silver ionic water purification systems

Sometimes known as Poolfresh Plus.

A chlorine free oxidiser for use in all copper & silver ionic water purification systems.

Aquabrite - Non Chlorine SHOCK TREATMENT For Swimming Pools. A great Saltwater Pool Boost

Compatiable with chlorine pools.

Highly concentrated oxygen compound that reduces and eliminates combined chlorine levels in pools.

You can test for the levels of Aquabrite by using a standard DPD1 test tablet.

Active Constituent: A blend of Peroxygem Compounds


Use as a non-chlorine shock for swimming pools.
Excellent OXIDISER for Ionised and Nature 2 Pools and Spas.
White, flowable powder.
Oxidises organic contaminants.
Used regularly - potentiates sanitiser effect.
pH neutral - compare to similar products.
Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water.


Used only weekly. Around 1 handful for a 50,000l average pool.

Extra tips...

• A regular dose will benefit all pools (we recommend this be done at least monthly). It is particularly useful in salt chlorinated pools and Ionised pools. Bathers can enter the pool 15 minutes after application.



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