Water Features & Waterfalls

we have a range of Waterfalls to suit existing walls or for new walls fitted during construction. 

ALL the waterfalls listed below have LED colour changing lights inbulit. To activate these LED's, you need to purchase the LED driver. You can either do now or purchase at a later date. 1 LED Driver will operate up to 3 Waterfalls. Great idea! Scroll down for details... 

Download the datasheet here

The model numbers below mean e.g... 25-600 - 25 mm lip, 600mm wide.  Installation manual here.
All the Waterfalls listed below have the standard rear entry water feed. If you want a bottom entry all you need to do is add a 90 deg elbow.

Note:  Allow plenty of time for your water feature to arrive. Some models will require around 2 weeks.
Standard & LED coloured waterfalls available...

Multiple water descents can share the same controller
LED Light control box & remote, sold separately




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