Davey Promaster VSD Pump Series

Davey Promaster VSD Pump Series

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Davey Promaster VSD200
Variable Speed Drive pool pump. Water cooled super quite ECO pump. Dial up the desired speed - How simple is that!

No complicated set up.

Davey Promaster pump controls


Fully Variable Speed Control - The new ProMaster™ offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate, from 1,500rpm to 3,600rpm.

Super Quiet - Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation, rated at only 50 dBa. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there

Fully variable speed drive...

Run dry protection

Huge leaf basket


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Davey Promaster Premium VSD400 Energy Efficient Pool Pump.


Fully variable speed control
• Selectable time intervals for full speed (Boost) cycling for every hour of operation
• Patented water-cooled technology for smooth and quiet operation
• Constant flow/speed compensation
• Alternating speed technology during the Backwash cycle
• Weatherproof RJ45 communication port for either external pool control or pool heater connection, plus service diagnostics and software updates
• Over temperature de-rating and automatic restart technology
• Large 4.5 litre leaf basket for longer intervals between cleaning times
• Suited to a wide range of pumping applications such as: solar heating, gas & heat pump heating as well as suction and in-floor cleaning systems

Davey VSD400 dials

Davey VSD400 pump data

Davey VSD400 dimensions


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