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Revolution II Robotic Pool Cleaner

Revolution II Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • $1,485.00 AUD

The Revolution 2 Robotic Pool Cleaner cleans the pool floor, walls and water line.

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No connection to pool systems required, environmentally friendly cleaning process means you require less chemicals.

Uses a single speed motor, that converts from 240V to 24V DC for minimal running costs

It scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters to prevent germination of algae and bacteria.


Recommended for pools up to 12m in length
Cable length – 18 m

Cleans pool floor, walls and water line
Digital switch power supply for long term drive control
Adjustable handle floats for optimal pool coverage
Ultra fine filter bag collects dirt, debris and dust particles
Advanced scanning programme optimises pool coverage
Obstacle escape capability
Automatic shut off at end of cycle time
Cycle time – 2.5 hours

Motor protection mechanism in case of overload and out of water
Swivel to prevent cable tangling
24 Months Warranty

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"The guys at Pool & Spa helped me find my spa controller as mine was old and I couldn't identify it and they helped me find it with great communication and the delivery was prompt, very satisfied."

David, Lindfield NSW

"I had to upgrade my pool pump and mine was very old, I couldn't decide and Sam helped me with a new Onga pool pump at a great price. Very happy!!!!"

Joanne, Casey VIC

"Found what I need very quickly, the website is very user friendly on my iPhone, happy with the result"

Anthony, Devonport New Zealand



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